Tim Leffel is, for better or for worse, not a hard man to track down.

For timely media and interview requests or a story assignment, phone 615-489-4761. If response is not immediate, assume there’s an out-of-the-country, off-the-grid assignment going on.

For general media requests, book interviews, or to discuss a business partnership, contact tim (at) timleffel.com or editor (at) perceptivetravel.com. Every e-mail that’s legit will get answered. Spray-n-pray press releases don’t count–do NOT put me on your press release distribution list without asking! I almost never use them anyway. Vegas offers better odds.

When grounded, I split my time between Tampa, Florida and Guanajuato City, Mexico. Get in touch if you’ll be in either as face-to-face is always more fun.

I keep my personal Facebook account for friends and family, but you can follow any of the websites I run there through the fan page link on the respective home pages. You can follow me on Twitter or via the other social media options below.

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