Tim Leffel is president of Al Centro Media, a diversified web publishing company encompassing multiple blogs, online magazines, and resource sites. He oversees the work of 19 bloggers and dozens of freelance contributors on a monthly basis.

He is founder and editor of Perceptive Travel, an award-winning online travel magazine for independent travelers with open senses and open minds. Since 2006 it has been home to the best travel stories from authors on the move. Perceptive Travel has featured writing from some of the most highly-regarded travel writers in the world and also contains travel book reviews, world music reviews, and a blog.

Perceptive Travel has won a slew of awards, including multiple Grand Prizes and Gold prizes from the North American Travel Journalists Association, a Gold from the SATW Lowell Thomas Awards, as well as stacks of awards from the Solas Awards and Canada’s Northern Lights. Perceptive Travel has repeatedly appeared in the Best Travel Writing, Best Women’s Travel Writing, and Best American Travel Writing anthologies.

Tim Leffel is also the publisher of three blogs:
The Cheapest Destinations blog (established in 2003)
Travel Writing 2.0 (established 2010)
Hotel Scoop (established 2012)

He also does editorial work applying his expertise in the Americas to Luxury Latin America. He founded Practical Travel Gear in 2009 and sold it to another publisher in 2015.

He is one of three principal partners in the content marketing agency 360 Degree Travel Network, which has worked with Fortune 500 travel brands and major destinations on digital marketing campaigns. This group of top travel influencers gets the word out through popular blogs, social media accounts, and member e-mail lists.

On the business side, he previously served as editor of The Journal of Business Strategy Online.